Picture of different pieces since 2007

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As well as filming i have been toying with photography. Enjoy
  1. Barcelona.My first ever short. a woman staring into nothing.i liked it.
  2. Me
  3. Ceili Bjork Poppy Rock
  4. Hillbilly xmas
  5. bourguignon
  6. First shot of my friend sarah bourguignon's first short
  7. me and the cast of my ill fated first short
  8. My partner in crime sarah bourguignon directing her actors
  9. First pic of my first college short.two shots later we abandoned it. broke my heart.
  10. dance
  11. trying out slow shutter speeds on way home from work
  12. Untouched, real pic.proud of this
  13. somewhere between greystones and hell.
  14. cosmic snow
  15. insane
  16. Blizzards are great while listening to the blizzards
  17. Hellfire club
  18. she hates photographs
  19. My partner.
  20. The missus
  21. My brother has low self esteem.
  22. Xmas pics of my bro john rock
  23. Skipping stones
  24. who are you
  25. Charlotte
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