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  1. Woohoo, first to write on the blank page!
  2. Art Decorator
  3. Costume Supervisor
  4. Make-Up Artist looking for work in shorts
  5. Make up artist looking for work
  6. Production / Set Design
  7. Special effects make-up artist needed
  8. Galway Makeup Artist Available
  9. King of the Waves
  10. Make up Artist available
  11. Flexible artist for hire.
  12. Make-Up Artist Available
  13. Training Make-up Artist voluntary work
  14. HELP!
  15. Non-toxic Fake Blood
  16. Costume Designer Available
  17. Make-up person needed
  18. make up artists needed for music video
  19. Film noir 'look' for our production of Oscar Wilde play
  20. Make-up artist needed for noir\horror shooting in Dundalk from 20th April
  22. Make up artist - Behind Closed Doors
  23. art dept crew needed
  24. makeup artist available
  25. Looking for a bath
  26. How to make eyes look red
  27. Makeup artist for short film
  28. Makeup Artist Galway
  29. Make Up artist needed - today
  30. ADVICE!
  31. Looking for someone who can draw
  32. vehicles for hire
  33. Production Designer
  34. Lisquid Latex, where can I get it?
  35. Where to get Garda Costumes?
  36. Opinion wanted please
  38. Make-up artist needed Wednesday 16th Sept
  39. Costumes wanted for 1940's Student short
  40. Costume Designer needed!!!
  41. Art Department Needed for Short.
  42. Joker costume
  43. Production Designer required now for short film, 1930s, rural setting
  44. Makeup artists wanted for Halloween rock show
  45. Hair and Make-up person (esp for hair styling) required for short film next week
  46. Spray smoke??
  47. Great new SHOT DESIGN tutorials online.
  48. I need big angel wings please.
  49. Make-up person needed
  50. Looking for some wood for no budget production
  51. Production Designer/Props person required for new Dublin based short film
  52. Draughting Course for Art Dept
  53. Disappearing posts???
  54. Covering up a scar
  55. Art Director in Cork area needed
  56. fx make up artist looking for work
  57. Can I borrow your meat cleaver?
  58. production designer needed in jan (dublin)
  59. make up artist looking for experience
  60. Make-up artist required
  61. Training in Make-Up for Film/TV
  62. Comic Book / Storyboard Artist Needed
  63. Storyboard artist
  64. Production Designer Needed
  65. army film
  66. Concept Artist Needed - Feature
  67. Production Designer Required
  68. Where to get 2nd hand shelving for props?
  69. Makeup artist needed.
  70. Production Designer Needed.
  71. Adobe Creative Suite 100 euros
  72. Hair artist needed for March 15 short
  73. production/set designer sought
  74. wardrobe person
  75. Make-Up Artist for NFS Grad Film
  76. Art director and make up person required
  77. looking for costume personel for war movie
  78. MAke up artist for END OF YEAR GRAD STUDENT FILM
  79. Dreamweaver help
  80. SMOKE MACHINE needed
  81. Make up artist needed asap
  82. Make-Artist required for Student Short
  83. Effects make up artist required for Independent short 'The Delusion' in May
  84. Can you make a preganant belly ?
  85. Production Assistant Needed (Not Paid)
  86. Garda Uniforms
  87. anyone know where i can find iron on letters for costume ???in dublin
  88. need a make up artist in dublin ?
  89. Storyboard Artist Wages
  90. Old Bike Hire
  91. Convertible car urgently needed for student film short.
  92. make up
  93. All your make-up needs catered for:-)
  94. Professional Makeup Artist
  95. Period Costumes: most cost-efficient options?
  96. Make up artist needed for student short
  98. How do you permission for this location?
  99. costume person needed
  100. Make-up Artist needed for a play
  104. Cow's Udders
  105. How to create cigarette smoke?
  106. Adobe Flash
  107. Graphic Designer needed
  108. make-up/hair needed
  109. Costume Hire
  110. Costume Person wanted for Short Film
  111. How to hire a house for shoot?
  112. make up artist
  113. Professional make up artist available
  114. Suburban House Required
  115. Costume Designer needed to work on a project in Cork. Asap
  116. Art Dept. intern required for US TV movie
  117. make up artist available !
  118. Congrats to Joan Bergin and Tom Conroy: Emmy awards ceremony on tv tonight at 9pm
  119. Fabrics and materials
  120. latex liquid how much is enough?
  121. Make-Up Artist Required for 16mm Short
  122. Work Experience (Galway) Non paid
  123. Sound Recordist / Boom (Low Pay) Galway
  124. New Zealand Prof. Make up Artist Avail.
  126. Zombies for student film
  127. Where buy robotics in Dublin?
  128. Production Designer wanted for Filmbase/RTÉ funded short
  129. British WW2 Army uniforms
  130. Costume Designer for Short Film
  131. WW2 uniforms
  132. Draughting Course: Combined Ability in January
  133. Looking for a Production Designer
  134. production designer & make-up wanted
  135. Can I design my set with film posters? Do I have to get permit?
  136. I'll design your movie cover
  137. Pregnancy Costume Needed For One Day Short
  138. Make-up artist required for short film
  139. Portable Changing Room
  140. AM PM
  141. Fake Pregnant belly
  142. Vintage clothes for hire for TV/Film
  143. wanted Make up artist
  144. PSNI Uniform costumes for film & TV
  145. angel wings ....Prop for short film
  146. Fireman costume
  147. (URGENT) Chainmail Needed For Short Film.
  148. Garda / Police Uniform
  149. Interrogation room location
  150. HELP!! 2 Airplane Seats for Theatre Play Needed
  151. Vintage or well worn mannequin
  152. How do you get Fake Blood and Sweat For Film?
  154. Make-up artist needed for tomorrow morning in Dublin's North City...
  155. Garda Car Required
  156. Photographer needed for feature film.
  157. Furniture rental?
  159. Make-up Artist Work in London
  160. horror film MAKE UP ARTIST NEEDED 3rd sept
  161. animal wrangler
  162. Wanted: Make-up artist for feature film set in Dublin
  163. Trying to find a severed leg
  164. Make-up artist for feature film set in Dublin
  165. Fake Rabbit Carcass for film
  166. Futuristic guns needed!
  167. Prop design
  168. Realistic Burkhas Wanted for November 2011
  169. LAST MINUTE: Make Up Artist needed for Sat Oct 15th
  170. Production Designer Needed For Short in Dublin
  171. Hairdresser Needed for Short in Dublin
  172. Old, unwanted timber shed wanted.
  173. URGENT : Basements and Kerosene lamps.
  174. URGENT!!! Cat needed
  176. Prop money- suggestions?
  177. Some Costumes needed URGENT!
  178. Large house required for shoot in February - help!
  179. Art director and make-up artist for short
  180. Ambulance Required!
  181. production designer needed.
  182. Nurses Outfit for short film scene
  183. Make-up artist needed for feature film
  185. Looking for night vision goggles
  186. Fire engine available for hire for Film/TV/media shoots
  187. Manhole Cover
  188. Face FX makeup supplies
  189. Looking for kids costumes/toys/ etc.
  190. Hair and Make-Up Artist Urgently Needed
  191. finally
  192. Free Special Effects workshop at Eat My Shorts fest 2012
  193. Set designer needed for tomorrow in Galway!!
  194. Make up artist needed
  195. Range Rover or Decent SUV needed.
  196. Looking for house to use to film in Cork
  197. Photoshop Press Kit
  199. Office location needed for feature
  200. Makeup artist seeking work
  201. Hairdresser needed urgently
  202. fx make up artist looking for work
  203. make up artist looking for work
  204. Explosives for Slow Motion shot
  205. Where to find old PCs for props
  206. horror fx make up artist looking for work
  207. Prop Wanted: Electric Chair
  208. CourtRoom Location
  209. An old unused office room or studio apartment needed!
  210. action armouries
  211. Harrison's Closet
  212. Production Designer Wanted - Late March shoot
  213. FX Make up.
  215. Make up Person needed
  216. Qualified Make up Artist seeking experience in film/tv
  217. Johnny Left Cinema Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist
  218. Production Designer wanted for short film - SHROUD
  219. Work Experience required on RIPPER STREET Art Dep.
  220. Make Up Artist Required For Exciting Short Film
  221. Urgent - Make up artist required for short film shooting this Saturday 15th - Tuesday the 18th
  222. Waterford - Make up artist that can do bald cap.
  223. horror fx make up artist looking for work,
  224. New Tv Series - Seeking Props
  225. Make Up Artist need for short filming end of aug-Expenses Only
  226. 'Scary Face' MUA needed for next Friday (20th Sept) - small budget!
  227. Art Director in the Dublin Area Needed for Short film shoot next week 24th-26th September
  228. Sfx Make up Artist/ Sculptor/ Moldmkaer etc. available for work
  229. Feature film Spiders Trap COSTUME FITTER REQUIRED
  230. Seeking Hair Stylist
  231. Make Up and Hair Needed for Prosthetic work on horror film shooting in Dublin 2014
  232. Location needed
  233. Special Effects, Prosthetics and Sculptures
  234. Garda uniforms
  235. Hair and Make Up Artist Required For Science Fiction Film
  236. Garda Uniform Wanted
  237. Warehouse Help!
  238. horror fx make up artist willing to work for free
  239. Post Production Special FX needed for Short Comedy Musical
  240. Art Director Wanted for Sci-Fi Music Video
  241. MUA needed for 3rd yr NFS final project
  242. Large table required for play
  243. shakespeare costume needed.
  244. ork/viking costume rental
  245. Visual FX needed for short film - paid
  246. Storyboard Artist
  247. Make up artist needed for student short
  248. Graphic Designer
  249. Location needed (House)
  250. Derelict/Deserted House needed for shoot