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  1. Cattle Raid 20.4.14

    Easter Sunday. Sun is shining and I took the day off and went down to the beach. I needed it! Hard to sleep or think about anything else at the moment but the film.

    Casting is all but finished. I found the last piece of the jigsaw, the third brother and he has accepted the role. Now I have a few other parts to decide on but I think that is not going to be a problem. I am really happy with the cast and the crew we have to date. All seem very keen and excited about the project ...
  2. Cattle Raid 16.4.14

    The web site and Indiegogo are getting a lot of hits but nobody is committing yet to donating. A trusted work colleague from my previous existence as a paralegal, contacted me to give me some feedback on the promo video.

    He pointed out a few problems with it, he told me what he thought was good and what could be improved / removed. He was right. It was hard to hear as so much effort had gone into it but I knew it anyway. I braced myself and had a word with editor and made some ...
  3. Cattle Raid

    Up all night as Luke and Will were working on the promo and I wanted to be available for any questions etc. Around 4 am it was finished and about 11 am we were rendered exported and ready to upload it to the campaign.

    We went live at 1 pm. We had all the team primed so that they would send it out to all their friends to 'like' the page as everything we read on line said activity on the site was a key thing. Did that and got plenty of viewings and hits. In the first two and half ...
  4. Cattle Raid - kick off day

    I have decided to keep a blog for the making of this first feature as a record to myself (and anybody who might be interested) on the tirals and tribulations and the good things) about making a no budget feature film in Co. Galway!

    Editor Luke, Music by Will, and myself have been up all night to get the promo into shape for putting on line today at lunch time. I dont know if we will make this self-imposed deadline. The web site is ready, the FB fan page is ready, ...
  5. On beginning

    Quote Originally Posted by lizzieie View Post
    Really useful right now thanks for posting this!
    I have just seen this clip posted by Devin and have to say it comes at a very useful moment for me. I am mired in preparing to shoot my first micro budget feature. Every day is filled with challenges on every level, script, money, cast, crew, loving the story, hating the story. The key thing for me is to keep doing it. To keep working. to keep trying to produce better work and meet one day my own expectations.

    I ...
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