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    An accomplished producer/production company is required for a feature film project. Ideally, I am seeking someone with a history in short and/or feature production. The script is an authentic insight into the world of Irish prisons and was written by an officer who worked in the system over 3 decades. It is adapted from a best selling novel and is a gritty and dark work. A lot of work has been done on the project to date with key locations secured for dates in 2013. An A list director has already ...
  2. xmas screening at the Dublin Film Qlub: "Sylvia Scarlett" (Dir. George Cukor, 1935)

    Name:  pic- Sylvia Scarlett.jpg
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Size:  6.5 KBSaturday 15 December 2012
    (doors open at 3.00pm)
    New Theatre
    East Essex st
    Temple Bar
    Dublin 2

    day membership, available at the door: €8.00
    (free tea and coffee)

    .................................................. .....
    As part of the Dublin Film Qlub LGBTQ Short Film Showcase 2012-13,
    we are delighted to announce that our December screening will include a very special short ...
  3. Halloween And All That Jazz

    Publication deadlines will make this article “technically” out of date, but meh. A big meh on it. I got to thinking, with George Lucas selling his soul again…. Sorry the rights to Star Wars to Disney for a record breaking €4.06 billion, what about horror franchises, Freddy, Jason, and for the purposes of this article Michael Myers and the Halloween series. So sit back or forward depending on the quality of your eyesight as I sum up for you the good the bad and the ugly of this long running franchise! ...
  4. Dublin Film Qlub screening: "The Leather Boys" (1964)

    NOTE: The screening of the film originally scheduled for November, Les Amities Particulieres, has been postponed due to some unforseen last minute problems with the film distributors. Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause. In its place we are screening another great film! Hope to see you there.


    Dir. Sidney J. Furie, 1964
    Starring: Rita Tushingham, Colin Campbell, Dudley Sutton

    Saturday 17 November 2012 ...
  5. Crew needed for found footage horror film

    Quote Originally Posted by Stewart Duggan View Post
    Hi I am looking for crew to help me with my upcoming horror film Revenant Filming next year. Its a handheld styled found footage film with allot of twists.
    I'm not sure exactly how much people I need but the more the merrier. special effects, visual effects,sound guys, editors,anyone that can help. The locations will be simple, set in(Possibly Dublin/Kilkenny) a few different houses with cameras set up around the place if interested let me know
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