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  1. 2016 Shore Scripts Competitions & Short Film Fund

    Call for submissions for the 2016 Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competitions.

    Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition was set up to help emerging writers from around the world break into the industry. We have Oscar winning judges and over 70 production companies and agents on-board to read the best scripts that are entered each year.

    2016’s contest will be open for submissions from the 1st March 2016.

    This year, alongside our Feature and Short Script ...

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    Aspiring Actors? Don't have a showreel? Then why not have some scenes shot to mimic one? This will help producers, and casting people see how you look, and what you can do.
    Special January rates start at a very reasonable 99.00 for finished video, with sound. Hit me up for details on this very special offer. Don't be shy, I will make you look great!

    Check out my stuff here

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  3. LOOKING FOR GARDA UNIFORMS????????!!!!!!!!! ??????????

    im starting to shoot a new series and basically i need two garda uniforms. to buy or rent depending. looking for them around mid january. thanks
  4. Winner order announced! Plus Free script report guide!

    Our judges have spoken! We've just announced the order of 2015's SHORE SCRIPTS FEATURE & SHORT WINNERS.

    A huge congratulations to Louis Ackerman's winning feature, Life Expectancy, and James Prices winning short, Street Hassle. Well done also to all our winners, semi, quarter-finalists, and to everyone who took part in the contest. This year saw the highest standard of submissions since we started the contest.

    Join ...
  5. Toyota Corolla XLI ad

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