Cattle Raid

Cattle Raid 16.4.14

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The web site and Indiegogo are getting a lot of hits but nobody is committing yet to donating. A trusted work colleague from my previous existence as a paralegal, contacted me to give me some feedback on the promo video.

He pointed out a few problems with it, he told me what he thought was good and what could be improved / removed. He was right. It was hard to hear as so much effort had gone into it but I knew it anyway. I braced myself and had a word with editor and made some plans to change it for next week. We had planned anyway to keep updating it so it just means bringing that forward a bit. I cant go on paying for updates though and as the campaign goes on will have to either stop tweaking it and accept it as it is or just do the edits myself.

On the plus side, some investor types have been in touch asking for information. Nothing solid yet but the fact that somebody has noticed is good. I have spent the day improving the investor document now that there might be interest and writing up again the press release for sending out.

The script has been re worked by Martin and is back with me so I will be on that for the weekend.

Tomorrow I have to see a couple more actors, the final two I think and then can announce the remainder of the cast on Friday. Once that is out of the way I expect by Monday / Tuesday I will be back on the campaigning trail and hopefully will have a plan ready for how to improve the campaign's performance over the next few weeks.

This is not easy this film making.....x

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