Cattle Raid

Cattle Raid 20.4.14

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Easter Sunday. Sun is shining and I took the day off and went down to the beach. I needed it! Hard to sleep or think about anything else at the moment but the film.

Casting is all but finished. I found the last piece of the jigsaw, the third brother and he has accepted the role. Now I have a few other parts to decide on but I think that is not going to be a problem. I am really happy with the cast and the crew we have to date. All seem very keen and excited about the project and are taking the fitness element of the film seriously and working out and running to get in shape. I better do the same!

Working on a press release this evening. Trying to get some local press to generate some interest and hopefully some contributions to the crowd funding site.

I have been looking at the budget too to see what could be cut back further and wondering what I have that I can sell - the car I suppose - but I will need a car for the shoot so might not be the best time to sell it. I still have a few weeks to go so I wont rush into anything rash yet and keep sending out the begging letters and emails and hope for the best. Right, back to work for me. Liza

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