Cattle Raid

Cattle Raid - 26.4.14

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Pushing hard this week to get some press / on line publicity for the film and the crowd funder. I really appreciate the help we are getting on that front and I even posted a notice on the Irish Film Board site which I am not sure is the right use of that noticeboard but I expect they will let me know if it is in the wrong place.

I put the film for sale on ebay during the week too - well not the entire film more the opportunity to invest in it! No takers yet. I live in hope.

Hitting twitter hard over this weekend, even tweeted Enda Kenny to see if he would contribute to or support the film!! Sure, its a long shot. But you never know who might be out there, listening, waiting.....A fresh cut of the promo video was posted on the crowdfunding site yesterday and some photos of the latest cast added to the FB. I think weekly updates / revisions of the site might be the thing to do rather than bombard supporters daily.

This phase is definitely a test of my metal. Sleeping full nights is a thing of the past and hopefully something that will be regained in the future. I think it is the waiting that is the worst part. Sending out the information, asking for support once that is done what can I do but wait for any responses that might come in.

In the meantime I am moving on with production. Begun scheduling and breaking down everything. I have made some posters in Irish and English to put around the filming area so that anybody who missed it on line will hear about the film and know that we are filming in the area and if they want to help out they are welcome. I thought if I do this soon and then again just before filming begins it will let as many people locally know what we are up to and hopefully they can be involved if they want.

I registered the script with Raindance which you can do for free if you are a member. I wasnt overly pushed about registering it up to now as I have not been sending it out but in the past few days I have been asked for it by a few potential investors and of course key crew have needed it for budgeting and cast are beginning to ask to have it so I thought it best to register at this point. I discovered a while back that it is not in any way protected by posting it to yourself which I always thought was protection! That simply shows that you posted it to yourself. Raindance is free to members but I dont know what the charge is to non-members but non-membs can register scripts with them. There is probably an Irish equivalent but I dont know about it so I used the UK for this time.

Right, well I am going to get some sleep now and get back to work later this morning.

Good luck with your film making out there! Liza x

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