Cattle Raid

Cattle Raid - 5.5.14

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It has been a tough 10 days or so since my last post.

Pressing on with the spread of the word on Indiegogo with a bit of success so we do have some funds coming in. I think we are at the stage now where we can almost afford the inusrance for the shoot and that is a success in my estimation!

We are getting some publicity too and have a bit coming out in on line press this coming week. I managed to get some of the cast together for a group photo as several of them are from Limerick and I am originally Limerick so it seemed a good idea for Limerick press.

We have had some great luck with stunt fight co-ordinator coming on board. Not that we have lots of fights but there is a fight towards the end of the film and it would be great to have it safely and well choreographed by an expert.

Script is broken down now and scheduling is on going. This is an exhausting and exciting part of the work for me. Seeing each moment in detail and trying to keep a view on the whole project is a wortherwhile task I think and really makes me ask questions about the validity of every scene and moment in the story.

Fianlly, the last few days have been about cameras. Fitting the camera to the film itself and to the budget. This is a low low low budget shoot. The story is bare, raw, essential. I want the choice of camera to reflect this if possible so looking at lots of options. Looking at how other low budget shoots used different cameras to different effect. I am particularly interested in the gopro for some of the scenes and the idea of mixing up the cameras when we can. But there is still a way to go with that. We hope to have made those final decisions by Friday of this week. We have between the group a few different cameras of our own and it would be great if some combination of these could handle what I want to get in the shoot, then we could spend a bit more on food!

Costumes are underway. Ordered some bits from China really really cheap so hope they will arrive in time! I tried to get them here but just so prohibitively expensive. Doing well on getting some cosutem sponsored too which is great and trying to keep it local. Actually, trying to keep it local is an effort in itself, but worth it in the end I think.

Finally, I was thinking of buying a really old caravan if I could get one cheap enough which would help for this shoot and future shoots. From researching about low budget shoots I do agree that it is useful to try to buy a thing if I can (and if I cant borrow it that is) so that I have it for the next shoot or I can sell it for same or not too much of a loss. Cheaper than renting some stuff in the long term.

No rest for the wicked....back to work for me.


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  1. Jason Butler's Avatar
    Love reading your blog posts... Best of luck with the film!
  2. Miguel_Angel's Avatar
    Very interesting!
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