Cattle Raid

Cattle Raid - 16.6.14

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So, some time since my last post. I did post just before shooting started but somehow have lost the post - user error no doubt about it!

Since then filming has begun and ended.

Started with the cast and crew arriving in Carraroe on 25th May and settling into two houses. Pretty packed in and to be fair there were no complaints from anybody for which I am eternally grateful. Shooting in the most beautiful landscape imaginable helped.

A couple of recce and rehearsal days and then shooting began. Contrary to what I thought I was more unprepared for this shoot than I could possibly have imagined. I thought I had it all ready, but when it came down to the enormity of the thing I realised I could easily have done with another 6 months of prep.

DoP and I had made a concious decision to use natural light as much as possible. This was both a style choice and a financial one. For the most part it worked well. We came up against a night shoot where we simply couldnt do it without something to light us and a last minute FB and email campaign found us the great Barry from Athlone who lent us some LED's as well as a friend of a friend (whose name I dont now have) in Carraroe who gave us the loan of another handheld LED and with those 3 as well as an enourmous make shift poly from an election campaign poster, we were able to get the 'moonlit' scene.

We were missing some bits of kit and Colin Browne delivered every time to help us out.

We had the luck of the blazing sunshine for two weeks. Rained off one day only and interrupted by a thunderstorm once....but overall the weather gods were with us.

It was tough though. Everyday was a challenge. I thought the most difficult thing would be figuring out the scenes, the actors, etc...but it turned out to be other stuff, logistics, food, transport, money, petrol etc etc. Without the support of the team the whole thing would have fallen apart by day 2 I really believe that.

It was so stressful and so much fun and so exhausting. We still have 2 scenes to shoot which are scheduled for late August / early September. In the meantime there is stuff to shoot which requires none of the main actors so I will be getting on with that. Luckily our editor was here for the shoot and has taken everything away to begin a rough assembly so we have a clear picture of where we are with the overall thing. I thought this would be like shooting 8 shorts back to back but it is not at all like that. Keeping the overall story and vision in mind through each scene and each tiny section is a new thing for me and took some practice.

I learned so much so quickly on this shoot, more than ever before, thankfully I have a couple of months now to prep for the final shoot - where we are actually shooting the opening scenes of the film - and I really appreciate all the challenges and problems I had during this part because I have to learn from them.

Sorry not to be giving more detail - I will at some point once fully recovered from the thing.

Final word though - the team. I def had the luck of the right people, everybody got on, we had great nights out, stressful long days but the team persevered and helped to drive this forward.

Thanks to everybody who helped in any way to get Cattle Raid to this point and now ready for phase 2 !

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