Jason Butler

Waiting and hoping

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I have a number of applications I'm waiting to hear back on at the moment. Namely a First Draft Loan, two Short Shorts, one Reality Bites and a pitch to the Fleadh comp.

Plus a couple of more film festival entries for Daylight Saving Time. Got a request from the Rio Film Festival to apply so holding out a bit more hope on that one.

Which is the problem. There's just way too much wishing and hoping and thinking and waiting in this filmmaking game, to paraphrase Burt Bacarach.

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  1. Rob Kelly's Avatar
    Yeh jayo it would drive you mad. I go through a phase of phoning around lookin for work too just to avoid the waiting game. Phase now over..now waiting...
  2. keithster's Avatar
    I believe congrats are in order re IFB loan. Good luck with script.
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