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You wait for an article...

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... and three come along at once.

Just posted up a great interview with award-winning cinematographer PJ Dillon written by Ian Campbell (RGI). Over the next few days I'll be posting an article by Frank Kelly on the getting your film into festivals and one from Alec Moore on buying and kitting out a DSLR for filmmaking.

Once all three are live I'll send out the next newsletter to promote them.

Thanks to the authors of the articles and hope you enjoy reading them. As usual if you want to contribute an article just get in touch.

In the bad news part of the blog post, the compilation clip to commemorate FmN.ie five years in business has exactly taken off with only a half dozen or so people sharing their work. But I've had another idea of how to approach this so I'll work away on it and let you know more when there's more to share.

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  1. Frank Kelly's Avatar
    Thanks Jason! Hope it helps some folks starting out and looking for a bit of direction.
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