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Writer / Director
Name's Rob McKeown, (rawmackaw is my long time nick name, just say Rob McKeown really fast and it's there.)

Have been in London working on some promos and viral ads for various advertising companies, (Specsavers, Churchill, Haribos and Zurich Insurance, among others), making the wage. Writing scripts and trying to get my first feature (obligatory horror) made. Was close a few times (damn financiers!!) and still hold the script close to my heart. Am trying to get a documentary together called Called Home, about local ghost stories. Though it will be (aren't they all?) a documentary with a difference!
Called Home (documentary) - director.

Whoever Said True Love Was Dead - short film - writer, director.

On The Brink - short film, written, directed, sound design, co-editor.

Catch The Moon - short film, written, directed, sound design.

Comedians - short film, written, directed, camera, sound design, editor, production design.

Jonah - short film, written, director, editor, sound design.

Skin Deep - short film, written, director, editor, sound design, co-music.

Moving With Sound - documentary film, co-wriiten, co-directed, camera, editor.

Homecoming - short film, written, director, editor, music.

plus varied promos for companies as varied and as infuriatingly b o r i n g as the last, but it kept a roof over my head. Also written/help doctor scripts for London, South Africa and Australian based production companies, not neccessarily produced projects, but highly developed and in somebody elses arms.
Favourite Films:
Love Werner Herzog's movies. Andrei Tarkovsky, David Fincher, David Lynch, Chris Nolan, Malick, Kubrick. Fave films.... too numerous to mention, top of my head: All The President's Men, Days Of Heaven, The Enigma Of Kasper Hauser, Wages Of Fear, The Shining, Koyannaqatsi, Don't Look Now, What's Up Doc?, Superman - the movie, The Exorcist, King Of The Hill (1993), Barry Lyndon, Stalker, North By Northwest, JFK, Baraka, Aguirre: Wrath of God, Spirit of the Beehive, Inside (2007 French horror), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), One From The Heart, Suspiria, Wall Street, His Girl Friday, It Happened One Night, Marx Brothers, Our Relations, Jaws, Andrei Rubliev, Paths Of Glory, The Thin Red Line, Rocky, Purple Rain, The Thing, Airplane!, Barton Fink, Mulholland Drive, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Fight Club, Zodiac, Lawrence of Arabia, The Living Daylights, An Ameriican Werewolf In London, The Innocents, Return of the Pink Panther, too many, too many....



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