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    When is the short film list announced for this years fleadh? Or has it been released?

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    Spotted some individual announcements on Facebook so the emails must be going out. Not sure when the full programme is released.

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    I think its going to be the same old problem with galway as usual.
    My film which Won 'Best overall film' in Limerick a few weeks ago has been rejected ? ONE of the parties is WRONG, It can't be both best AND worst ? (or did they even view it ? )

    I believe the independent filmmakers are actually really competing for about 5 or 6 open slots ?
    Kevin Glynn - Galway

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    A couple of our college projects have been notified so yup they've been announced. We(gmit) have three pieces in the fleadh, one in best debut.
    "Why the f**king Coat?!"

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    Selections and tape deadlines announced in the past week. A short documentary I co-directed, "The Bookbinder's Daughter", has been selected - good news following Schull, where it was shortlisted but (along with several other films) never got screened in the Shortlist programme due to timing problems, late start, etc.

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    My indie low/no budget short STILL EARLY has been selected. The fact that it's almost 18 minutes and was submitted as work in progress, had made me a little anxious that it mightn't be selected. The film is a two-hander with minimal dialogue starring Valene Kane (The Fading Light) and Ben Peel (Hunger), short on RED by Piers McGrail, written, directed, edited and produced by myself (1000CUTSFILMS), with EL ZORRERO FILMS. The film won't be to everyone's tastes but thanks to an excellent cast and crew, it's a film that I'm proud of.

    One line synopsis for programme: "A huis clos, a man and a woman, a relationship they cannot leave."


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