We are a TV production company (Blueprint Pictures) based in Dublin. We are currently working on an hour long documentary for RTE about redheads, to be called 'Oi, Ginger!'. The program will be looking into what the history and story of being a redhead. It is being presented by the lovely Angela Scanlon (TV presenter/journalist/blogger/stylist-and natural redhead herself).

Anyway, in one segment, we are looking for red headed people to film for about five to ten minutes each in our office on Upper Mount Street. We want to do a series of vox-pop style interviews, of about five to ten minutes, which will be used as part of an edited segment of the program.

Basically, if you have any anecdotes about having red head, from funny to strange to sad, we want to hear them! We are not paying people as a side note, but it should be a great day and make for an interesting story or two. So if you are interested and want more details, please let me know by sending me a message. We have not set a date yet for the shoot, but we are hoping to film the week after next, from the 15th of January, most likely during the working week.