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Thread: Historical Documentary/ look for Assistant and Editor

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    Default Historical Documentary/ look for Assistant and Editor

    I look for an assistant/ researcher, motivate, brilliant , very interested in a documentaries. Previews experience is good but not necessary.

    I look for a professional editor/writer, full time work for 3 weeks, from 20 April to 6 may.

    please contact me as soon as possible

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    Hay, what exactly is the theme of the documentary? I am very interested in documentary and have made a short before, currently producing one at the moment. I am still in college though so might not be entirely flexible - if you want to email me with more details I would be more than happy to help you out - I am looking for more editing experience but unfortunately I am not professional, I can still help with this if you need it. Jess.
    Jessica Ruxton


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