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Thread: Film Fleadh Winners 2013

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    Default Film Fleadh Winners 2013

    Galway Film Fleadh site has a full list of the winning shorts and features from this years festival.

    I was only down in Galway very briefly this year so didn't catch any of the winning films but the director of winning short animation Eoin Duffy (The Missing Scarf) has lots of previous work on his site. Hadn't come across his work before but it's great.

    What else did I miss?

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    You missed all the craic in a packed rowing club

    The "Digital Marketing Strategies and the New Distribution Landscape" talk on Friday was very interesting. The panel talked about content from a promotional point of view - stills, cast and crew interviews, behind the scenes etc. They pointed out the importance of having all those things to make marketing your movie easier and more absorbing. They also spoke of entertaining ways of promotion, and also the importance of offering incentives to people to promote your work, such as offering prizes for the best tweets etc.

    Hadn't heard of Eoin Duffy either before the fest, but I caught a couple of his shorts in Galway and was well impressed.


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