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    I'm shooting a doc where the subject does not speak the language, so we are using an interpreter. We don't really want to feature the interpreter that much, but we want to keep it hand held so the formal interview with off screen translation mightn't work. Has anyone any tips, and or examples of docs where it's done well?

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    Whose the interpreter for, the director or the viewer?

    You mean off screen to have the interpreter in a different room, getting the interviewee feed to headphones from the mixer or whatever, then he/she in turn is talking the translation into a radio mic which the director to listen back to live? It takes a lot of the pressure off the interpreter, if you were thinking of having them on screen they would have to get everything perfect then and there, if they are off screen they are just a guide and you can make sure the subs are correct at the end.

    Would you not get someone native to interview the subject?


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