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Thread: Camera op with c300 looking for a documentary

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    Default Camera op with c300 looking for a documentary

    Hi all,

    I just bought a Canon C300 and I am dying to get my teeth into a documentary.

    I'm not looking for money, just a good storey to document.

    Please pm me.

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    Hi there Smowzy

    Are you still looking for a doc?

    PM me and maybe we can email?


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    Are you still looking for projects? Email me on and we can talk

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    I have a wonderful idea for your documentary and I am sure you will love it. Also you can look here to checkout some of my work and then you can imagine what I have in my mind.

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    Hey, Let me know what you wanna do, I have some stuff I wanna shoot soon, here, and in the USA, where I have a 3 year visa and residency at a gallery. email me:


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