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Thread: Shooting in a church (Dublin Area)

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    Hi guys,

    Involved in a short and looking to shoot a scene in a church. Have been involved in a project before that needed shots in a church and it was just very messy and not a pleasant experience, so was wondering if I can save myself the hassle this time and find any places that are film friendly. Did anybody have any luck before? ideally in the Dublin area would be fantastic.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Hi Stephen,
    I filmed a short last year and I used Balheary Church just north of Swords. It is a small rural church and is part of the Donabate Parish. I met and asked permission from the parish priest there. His name is Father Joe Connolly and he was very helpful. The great thing about Balheary Church is that it is only open for mass on a Sunday so it's free for the rest of the week (unless there is a wedding there). Might be worth looking into.


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