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Thread: Producer looking for interesting projects!

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    Default Producer looking for interesting projects!

    I'm finishing up the wedding season (thanks be to almighty jaysus, my last ever!!), so I am gagging for some interesting/inciteful/gritty/dirty/all of the above projects to get my teeth in to!

    From producing to just camera work, I'm open to all - all budgets.

    I have a Canon C300 as well as a Sony FS700 with Odyssey 7Q, so am pretty much covered in that respect (along with a whole heap of mics, recorders, etc.)

    Anyway, I'm expecting to be free from around end of September on (though I do have 2 music videos and a corporate lined up), but I'm up for anything - shorts, features, documentaries - whatever (so long as it's not another bloody wedding video!!!)

    Give me a bell or drop me an email.



    Ph: 086 820 8110

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    Garry. I'm trying to organize shoots for online competition in the commercial sector. Would be great to have someone interested in producing onboard. Let me know if this interests you. All the info here:
    If you cant get onto the page add me on fb and I'll add you to the page

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    Many thanks Rob, I'm on that now so hopefully we'll be in contact again real soon!! Cheers my man! Garry.

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    great yeh see what you think. Might be able to get something interesting going

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    Hi Garry, I'll be applying for some funding from the BAI soon so will be looking for people. Don't suppose you own lapel mics by any chance?

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    I do indeed David - one Sennheiser kit and one Sony kit - plus I've 2 other spare lapel mics that I used to stick in to little Zoom H1 Recorders if stuck too.

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    Cool. I'll send you a private message later!

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