Hi... I've a Screenplay for a Short Film, but it's based in the South of Ireland (no specific location, but small town Ireland). I would rather shoot the film in the South with Authentic accents, than Shoot up North (I'm based in Belfast), with Actors using accents....Anyway, I've wrote 6 Shorts, and 3 Features (building my experience with Shorts first), and Directed 2 of my Short Films (last one is being entered into several main festivals in 2016)

I need to bring in an Executive Producer on board, to help me with funding the Short Film, as I have had it read by several persons involved in the Film Industry, and the feedback is, that it can potentially do well in Festivals...Is there any Producers on the Forum who would like to read the Screenplay and decide if they would like to be involved...Or can someone point me in the Direction of a Producer who can help with funding. Any feedback or for inquiries, can you email


Thank you