We are looking for 2 lead roles. Shooting from Monday 15th March- Thursday 18th March in Goatstown Dublin 14 and a Daily in Mountjoy Prison in april (Date TBC) for a National Film School Grad Film

This is an offbeat black-comedy set in modern day, suburban Dublin over the course of one day.

Actors should be able to play

Our main character Frank is small, bald and meek. A Walter Mitty type character. He is a quiet, passive and shy man, usually.His a wife, Linda, over the years has built a comfortable home for herself with Frank’s money; unfortunately it doesn’t have any room for Frank in it. Her floral and doily themed house has no trace that Frank lives there. Frank almost looks monotone in this bright and colourful home.He desperately hates his wife and doesn’t feel comfortable even in his own home. He has constant daydreams of standing up to her and asserting himself, but he never does.
She constantly berates him with orders, while she sits snorting at the television or stuffing her face. Today, Frank has had enough and a simple request from his wife drives him over the edge.He goes out with the intention to get milk but is presented with an opportunity to get rid of her and doesn’t pass it up. As he puts his plan in action an unexpected visit from his judgemental neighbour puts her in the line of fire instead.

Our objective is to make a micro budget short fiction film piece primarily to fulfill the requirements of the National Film School in order to complete the BA (Hons.) Film & Television Production curriculum. Although, as the acting production company, National Film School IADT may choose to submit this piece for broadcast in short film festivals or screenings on television.
This film is the final piece which many of our crew will undertake before the end of the final term of the course and all the crew members will strive for the best possible outcome with the production. This film is intended as graduation piece and as a stepping stone for future employment once completed.

The NFS has maintained a consistently high record of achievement for its student films in national and international competition. Previous Prizes won for IADT graduate films have included: Best Short Film (Prix UIP) at the European Film Awards in Berlin, Irish Film and Television Award for Best Short Film, and Best Documentary at the Tampere International Short Film Festival.

If you are interested or would like further information Please send headshots and CV's to


Kind Regards, Ben.