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    Well it was to me!

    The FilmmakersNetwork.ie site broke a couple of years ago - some problem with the web hosting knocked the forum offline. I worked on fixing it at the time but it was proving to be quite difficult and as I suspected it was a problem on the web hosts side and they weren't being too helpful in getting it fixed.

    I was getting more and more busy at the time with work and having a couple of kids so wasn't able to dedicate the required time to get it working again. The rise of Facebook in Ireland over the few years before the site broke meant the usage of the site had declined a fair amount and maybe with the new, formal and informal, Irish film networks growing on social media there was less of a need for FilmmakersNetwork.ie. For example Film Network Ireland https://www.facebook.com/FilmNetworkIreland started up ,created their won network, filled the gap left by FilmmakersNetwork.ie and has grown from strength to strength over the years.

    Now out of the blue the hosting of FilmmakersNetwork.ie got fixed without me doing anything and so the site has come back online by itself!

    Now a perfectly preserved archive of my self-started and (mostly) self-funded initiative to bring Irish filmmakers together - "a place to make contacts, share opinions, discuss movies, contribute ideas, discover talent, build creative relationships and make films."

    It effectively ran for 10 years from first handing out flyers on the steps on the Town Hall Theatre in Galway during the Film Fleadh in 2006 with a simple request to join up - at a time when there where no equivalent online focused filmmaking networks in Ireland. Something that was sorely lacking and that no other organisation had stepped up to provide.

    We quickly gained thousands on members who wrote and shared tens of thousands of posts to millions of views. We ran film festivals, workshops, screening events, groups meetings, interviews with fellow filmmakers - all for the love of making films. And people did meet up and they did make films.

    Job done.

    I think I'll do another post with details of the history of FilmmakersNetwork.ie and some statistics to show our success.

    The site may stay up for a few more years. You're welcome to browse - I don't think posting in the forum is working right now!

    Thanks for making the FilmmakersNetwork.ie what it was. I learned so much, met great people and made a lot of friends.

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